Food of the Gods

Spirulina is a gift, a gift of our maker.

Ambrosia Farmers

Ambrosia is a company registered in the United States, which was born from a genuine project of self-sustainable food production, helping in the offer of worthy food, taking advantage of a gift from God: Spirulina.

  • Spirulina helps prevent cancer and other diseases.
  • 500gr / day of Spirulina provide all the necessary nutrients.
  • 1 Liter of water can produce 1gr of Spirulina a day.

We are a group of entrepreneurs, we believe that good consists in maintaining, assisting and enhancing life. Thats all we need to be in love with this project.

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The main reason to growth Spirulina

The UN named it the millennium superfood and recommended it to combat malnutrition in humanitarian crises.

  • 01 Why to eat it?

    It is the perfect food to be healthy. The benefits have been shown to fight AIDS, Cancer and other conditions. It is even recommended to survive Covid by optimizing our immune systems.

  • High quality nutrients, rich in assimilable iron that contains more b-carotene and gamma linoleic acid than any other food. Vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. It is low in saturated fat, unlike other foods with high nutritional value. It provides essential fatty acids that cannot be found in meat, eggs and dairy.

  • It has everything. With just 500 grams a day, without another food, you can feed a person. Even a high performance athlete would only need to complete their 500 gram diet of Spirulina with some vitamin A and phosphorus.


Nutritional values

Percentage of daily contribution with 500 grams of Spirulina for a high-performance athlete (3,500 Kcal / day). Data taken from WHO and USDA.

Polyunsaturated fats132%
Monounsaturated fats12%


Around sustainable cultivation, and efficient food production leveraging symbiotic relationships between plants and animals, we offer the following services.


We serve as a guide to materialize the pleasure of producing your own food


We design the infrastructure that best suits your needs, enhancing the space you have


We offer the consulting service to update your agricultural production business


From procurement, assembly, installation and commissioning of your farm

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Here some pics.

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Spirulina Growing

Fertilization Test

Different fertilizers for each container

Arthrospira Platensis

Spirulina under the microscope

Lab Harvest

Harvesting spirulina in the lab

Fertilization Test

Different fertilizers for each container

Sample Study

Spirulina test

Our first live spirulina

This was back in 2017

Spirulina Container

Container close view

Spirulina Strains

Three different strains

Fundación la Salle - Roof

There is a 1000 liter tank with Spirulina


+37C is the ideal temperture

Yago in the roof

First roof setup


This green project called Ambrosia is integrated by a multidisciplinary team, of which the following stand out:

Fritz Wagner

Founder & CTO

World citizen. Engineer. Blockchain technology enthusiast. Soldier for the living.

Christian Bahsas

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Economist, vegan, nature lover. Dedicated 100% to natural projects in order to save the world.

Junior Hernandez

Co-Founder & COO

Craftsman, rancher, and master brewer. Guariqueño y de Zaraza.

Luis Maya


Criminal lawyer. Principal Associate at Abogados Sanchez & Asociados


Three divine presentations, to cultivate a healthy body, to be fitness or to gain muscle mass.


$5120 capsules

  • 1000% more Beta Carotene than Carrots
  • 5000% more Iron than Spinach
  • 500% more Calcium than Milk
  • 300% more Protein than Soya Beans
  • Perfect Nutritional Supplement
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$11 Kilogram

  • 100% Pure Organinc Spirulina Powder
  • Natural Superfood without additives
  • Zero pesticides or herbicides
  • Easily Digestible & Absorbable
  • Tasty recipes like green Arepas
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$3250 grams

  • 100% Spirulina in form of leaves
  • Natural superfood without additives
  • Zero Pesticides or Herbicides
  • For a wide variety of recipes
  • Perfect for seasoning Rice or in Salad
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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer questions & answers

  • Where can I view the lab results?

    We have done all the lab test with the help of "Fundación La Salle", please kindly contact them:

  • At Ambrosia we grow and process Spirulina in different regions of Venezuela, especially in Margarita and Cojedes.

  • Yes, each batch is tested for contaminants. While USDA Organic certification is supposed to assure no contamination, we also have each batch lab-tested. Our manufacturer is FDA and GMP-certified, and thus conforms to the highest levels of quality and testing.

  • Spirulina contains all the necessary elements for an individual to maintain optimal health. That is, you can use it to lose weight as well as to gain weight.

  • We can all learn new things every day. The organization of the united nations just discovered that this is the superfood of the millennium and declared it so in 2015.


The ideal is that you write to us through WhatsApp. In case it is useful, we share here email, phone and address.


Caracas, Venezuela. CP 1050


+1 3059270239

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