Term Sheet

In this initial phase, seed, we offer participations in the form of tokens, tied by contract to the shares of the company. Once issued, exchange the token for said share in Ambrosia. To download technical sheet click here.

Nominal value

In this seed phase the issue price of each share is one cent of a dollar: $ 0.01 USD. The market price will fluctuate.


The issuer of the shares / tokens is Ambrosia Millennial LLC, company registered in the United States.

Closing Conditions

Requires the completion of satisfactory due diligence, the execution of agreements, approvals, and others.


There will only ever be the specified amount of total shares of 21,000,000. Class A with full rights.

Voting Rights

Yes. Thanks to blockchain technology, each shareholder will be able to share questions and a digital signing will record each vote.


More people can participate in Ambrosia thanks to the access allowed by the ERC20 token: AMBS.

Invest in Ambrosia

If you want to save the world, if you want to be part of the team that fights for life, then Welcome.

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Our portfolio


A meal in a capsule - 120 Capsules


Spirulina Powder - 1 kilo

Spirulina Gourmet

Gourmet Spirulina Leaves - 250 grams